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What does Dr. Summer eat? - Part 3

Written By Dr. Summer on September 30, 2020

Hello everybody, Dr. Summer here!

Today’s blog is part 3 of 3 about what I keep in my office, what I eat in a day, and what I buy at the grocery store. I will preface this by saying that this was a smaller grocery haul. I didn't buy any meat or large items in this grocery run. I also am only feeding two people in my house, my father and I (and my dog, Brodie, if you count him). I will post photos of my groceries and my receipt. I will also note everything I bought, if it was BOGO or on sale.


 20200914 111016

In this photo you can see all kinds of foods. From left to right, I have KIND caramel almond & sea salt (BOGO), Publix brand Aleve (Naproxen), Rana sausage ravioli (BOGO, I also had a coupon for $1 off one bag), Boars Head American Cheese slices, Boars Head Sliced turkey, Publix Brand Romano Parmesan grated cheese, Horizon Grass Fed Whole milk, Hillshire snack plates (I have 3 of them because if I bought 3 with a coupon I could get $3 off), Publix All-purpose flour, Hershey Nuggets chocolates (BOGO). Most of these items I do not buy often such as the Naproxen, KIND bars, RANA pasta and chocolates. These items were on sale and great snacks or quick meals.


 20200914 111225

In this photo, you can see I have 2 bags of gala apples (BOGO), 2 pears, 2 kiwis, organic bananas, red seedless grapes (1.69 per lbs), 4 baking potatoes ($.69 per lbs), and 1 red onion. The items on the left of the photo are to bring to work, though I left one bag of apples at home. The right side of the photo is for me to cook for dinner sometime this week. 

 20200914 131757

Here is my receipt! I spent $68.07 this week for groceries at Publix. This doesn’t mean I don't spend more or less at times. Usually once a month or so, I go to Sam’s Club to get chicken breast, ground beef, pork chops or other meats. I also love this store in Saint Petersburg called Hitchcock’s Green Market. I will get fresh meats there, also, if they have a good deal! At this time, my freezer is fully stocked with ground beef, burgers, frozen veggies, ears of corn, chicken breast, sausage, hot dogs, bacon, and pork chops. 

I personally love a stocked pantry, fridge, and freezer, and having a back stock at home. I always have dried pasta, rice, cereals, soups, chicken/beef, veggie broth, and different sauces. Now, these items are not the healthiest, but it is hurricane season when I stock all these up. I am a planner and would rather have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Maybe if I get the chance to re-organize my pantry I will post what that includes in the future!

I hope you liked today's blog! feel free to leave some suggestions for future blogs! I cannot wait to see you in the office!


Dr. Summer