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What does Dr. Summer eat? - Part 1

Written By Dr. Summer on September 16, 2020

Hello everyone, Dr. Summer here!

So here’s the deal: I randomly chose a day to do this. I did not prepare my food for this because I wanted to show you that you don’t have to be perfect with your diet, and neither am I. 

I am writing this on Wednesday (9/2/2020), and this is generally what I try to eat throughout the week. Though, I do have cravings and like junk food like everyone else! I am human, we are human, and sometimes all we can do is try our best. 

We’ll start with what’s in my office “kitchen”, and next week we’ll discuss what I ate! In the third part, we’ll see what I buy at the grocery store.

My “kitchen”

Let’s start with my fresh fruits and non-perishables I keep at the office.

20200902 085933

I always keep bananas on hand; they are just easy snacks to eat in a pinch! Plus, leftovers make great banana bread! I also have kiwis and a peach this week.

Now, if you look behind the fruit, I have copper containers to hold snacks!

20200902 090036

The larger container contains trail mix, Rx Bars, and Nature’s Bakery snacks. I like to keep snacks like this on hand because they are yummy and easy to eat when I have a time restraint. I try not to eat processed foods, but sometimes we do not have time to eat. Thus, I try to make better choices in my processed foods.

In my smaller container I keep Dove dark chocolate with sea salt caramel, because sometimes you just need chocolate. I love dark chocolate, especially topped with salt.

20200902 090134

Also, on my cart I have non-perishables. I have dried fruit, peanut butter, apple sauce, pickles, cinnamon, Annie’s mac and cheese, and tomato soup.  I have these mostly as my “just in case” foods. I keep these in the office so I know I have something to eat, or for others in the office to snack on. If I must stay at the office at lunch last minute, I know I have something to eat. I don’t eat these non-perishable foods often because they are not as healthy. Again, I’m not perfect, I’m human. There are weeks and weekends I am busy; I like to have these foods on hand to make me feel better about stressful times. Sometimes we just need comfort foods! Mac and cheese, apple sauce and pickles are foods I loved as a kid and I love them now.

On the bottom shelf, I have mandarin oranges. These are fun, yummy, and easy to peel. Mandarins are good on the go snacks for adults and kids!


Now onto my fridge!

20200902 090230

I always keep water in my fridge, so I bought a Zero water pitcher. I am a diehard fan of this water filter brand; it makes my water taste so clean and free of the chlorine-taste you get with some other filters.

As shown, I also have Sargento balanced breaks. These were BOGO at Publix, and I just had to get them. They are such an easy snack to keep around! Plus, if anyone in the office needs a snack, I have plenty.! I have 2lbs of red delicious apples, and I ate some with my breakfast! I have green grapes; I love grapes and keep them around since they are so cheap right now. In the bottom drawer I have Publix brand mozzarella string cheese and Tillamook aged white cheddar snacks. 

At this time, I have nothing in my fridge door. When I do, I like to keep water bottles. I sometimes like to bring Propel because I get electrolytes, which we need for this hot Florida sun, while staying hydrated! 

My freezer has frozen red grapes. Since these were left over from last week, I decided to freeze them for a refreshing snack. Frozen grapes are also great to put into your drink! They keep it cool without diluting it with ice!

 20200902 090202

Stay tuned for next week, where I show you what I eat in a day! I cannot wait to see you in the office.


Dr. Summer