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Let's talk about stress!

Written By Dr. Summer on October 21, 2020

Hello everyone, Dr. Summer here!

Today’s topic is something that affects all of us: stress. Stress comes in all kinds of ways, from work, to taking care of children, to dropping a bowl of cereal on the floor. If you can name it, it has caused someone somewhere stress. I know when I am stressed, I tend to bite my nails. Others might want to lay in bed all day or get snippy with others. Stress is an issue each and every one of us deals with. We are always told “you need to learn how to manage your stress”, especially by healthcare providers. No one ever really gives us ideas on how to manage this stress. Today we’re discussing stress-managing techniques! These hopefully will work for you! If you have a different way that you manage your stress that you think might help others, please let me know!

  1. Keep a positive attitude

This is way easier said than done. I know this from experience! The more positive you are, the better your day will be! Dropped the bowl of cereal on the floor, making a huge mess? Tell yourself “it was an accident, it happens” or “that was a bad moment, not a bad day.” If the day continues to be stressful remember “today is a bad day, not a bad life.” Accept that you cannot control everything, you cannot control what people do or say, therefore you are the only person you can control. 

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  1. Exercise 

Taking a walk, jog, or run is a great way to desires when you are upset. If you like to swim, go swim a couple of laps! You could find a park to walk around in, do yoga, find your happy exercise! Exercise naturally releases Dopamine, our happy hormone. 

  1. Find a hobby you enjoy

One thing I learned being at home, due to the coronavirus, was that I did not have a hobby that I could do myself or at home. Most of my hobbies included going out to restaurants, the movies, and hanging out with friends. I needed to learn a hobby for myself, that one- didn’t cost me a lot of money and two- I could do anywhere or at any time. I found that I love to read, and I made a routine to take a walk every day with my dog, Brodie. Exercise can be a hobby, just don’t over do it. Find what relaxes you, something that you can put your mind into. 

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  1. Eat healthy foods

I don’t know about you, but I tend to reach for junk food when I am stressed out. Replacing junk food with healthy foods will help with stress because we are not increasing inflammation to our bodies! Instead of the Cheetos, reach for some baby carrots!

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  1. Learn and practice relaxation techniques

Learn how to incorporate meditation (I promise its not that bad) or deep breathing. Both will help with stress levels, and you will feel a lot better afterwards. I like to use the app ‘Insight Timer’ because it is free and has thousands of different types of meditations. These include guided or unguided meditations. It will help you deal with wandering thoughts and help with overall relaxation. They can be as short as 1 minute or as long as one and half hours. 

  1. Talk to someone

Talking to someone about what is causing you stress is a great way to release that stress. Now, this doesn’t mean you should unload everything on your friends and family. I recommend seeing a Licensed Mental Health Counselor because they are trained on helping you manage your stress. They can give you different tools and exercises to manage things that cause you stress. 

Want to cut down stress in your life? Here are some ideas to help!

  • Take time for yourself, even if it is just 5-10 minutes per day
  • Set priorities, focus on what is important to you
  • Get a planner or an app that helps organize your different tasks
  • Say no! Do it nicely, but you always have the right to refuse

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  • Laugh! Find the joy in everyday life!
  • Listen to music that calms you down
  • Take time to exercise consistently
  • Make a cup of tea and enjoy the nature around us! Take a few minutes and watch the sunrise

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I hope this helps you! I can’t wait to see you in the office!


Dr. Summer