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Let's meet Dr. Summer Vasseur!

Written By Carter Chiropractic and Wellness on August 26, 2020

Hello Everyone, Dr. Summer here!

I wanted to write this post today because I get many questions that I would love to answer about myself for you today. I was born and raised here in this lovely town of Brooksville. I went to Hernando Christian Academy, Challenger K-8 and Nature Coast tech and graduated in 2012. After Highschool, I would spend the next eight years living in Saint Peterburg, FL to complete all the education to bring to this awesome practice. I attended University of South Florida in Saint Petersburg to obtain my degree in Biology with a concentration in Human Biology. After my first year of university, I would attend Cortiva Institute to obtain my 750 hours of massage certification. After I finished my degree at USFSP, I would attend National University of Health Science in Saint Petersburg, where I would become a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and obtain the 100-hour certification in acupuncture.

Now many of you have asked me:

“Why did you go to massage school?”

Well when I was in high school, I worked for Dr. Don Hensley. He gave me the suggestion to get my certification in massage while attending university. This would later help me understand the body better and have better skills for my future patients. He also suggested that I go to massage school because “if you do not like being around people, you will learn it much faster in massage school, than in chiropractic school.”

“Why did you want to a chiropractor?” Now I wish I has this amazing story to tell you about how I decided to become a chiropractor. My story is, when I was little, I would go to my father’s appointments before school. This was intriguing to me. If you asked my father when I told him I wanted to be a chiropractor, I was about six years old. This profession just attracted me, the healing of human bodies without the use of medication or injections was amazing. I’ve loved this profession since the day I met it.


Since I grew up here, I know many of the names and faces that come through Carter Chiropractic. I am sure there are times you recognized my name or my face and cannot figure out why. Other ways you might recognized me could be from far and wide, but the big ones are:

I played softball for HYL every season since I was 13 till I was 19 years old. I played varsity softball at Nature Coast and I played some travel ball.

I played girls varsity golf at Nature Coast for the last two years of high school.

I did hundreds of hours (maybe even a thousand) of community service in high school for food banks, soup kitchens, at the fairgrounds, and HYL. I have worked with the concession stand and gone home smelling like French fries for weeks at a time. I did a lot to help new players joining softball, to help them build the confidence to become the best player they can be on and off the field.

Lastly, if you do not know me personally, you might know my father Pete Vasseur. He was also a big part of HYL, and a huge part in being my biggest supporter for being the best that I can be.


What are thing you like to do in your free time? This is a topic that is quite hard for me, because I am a person who goes back and forth, if I am being honest. This topic would change over time if you asked next week or next year. Things I like to do in the current state of events:

I love to cook; I will not say I am a master chef or anything close. I have been learning about to cook meals I enjoy mostly for the past five years. I can thank my significant other for branching me out from the same five meals I used to cook every week.

I love to do yoga; now yoga can be many things to many people. I like and dislike different poses, I am not flexible. My flexibility is something I constantly work on. There are some weeks I never miss a day without yoga and there are some weeks I miss it completely. I always come back to it, there is yoga for everyone and their needs. It could be stretching; it could meditation, it could just be you need 10 minutes alone or you need one hour with a group in a class. Yoga is what you make of it, it a personal journey.

I love to spend time with my family; my family is everything to me. I am happy sitting on the couch watching TV with them or going out to dinner.

I love to be with my dog; I have had my dog Brodie for about 10 years. We go on a walk every day I am home (weather permitting).

I love to read; now this a new hobby I have acquired since I was sent home from school due to COVID-19 back in late March. I do not have a genre I love or hate just yet. I am finding my journey along the way; I try to read everyone suggestions. My new favorite place is the library.

I love to watch Netflix; when I have a chance, I love to sit and watch Netflix. I love medical shows such as Greys Anatomy.

I love going to nature parks; I am a person who loves to be in nature. I love seeing the beauty that is all around us. I will always try to make an adventure to a nature preserve if someone tells me about one.

I love Disney; now when you come into my life you will see this. In my office I have a wonderful pink Minnie Mouse sign my delightful friend, Mandi, made for me when I graduated from National.

I hope each and every one of you know me a little better, if you have questions or topics please let us know. I will continue to write blog posts about all kinds of topics in the future.

I look forward to meeting you,

Dr. Summer

PS- please like our Facebook page. I will be posting about cancellation or openings available for all kinds of appointments, especially massage!