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Free resources for you!

Written By Dr. Summer on October 7, 2020

Hello everybody, Dr. Summer here!

Today, we’re looking at free resources in many areas of health and wellness. In this day and age, it can be overwhelming to find ways to save money and stay healthy. I will group together “like” resources. 

NOTE: I do not have an affiliation to any of these products. I am just posting what I have used personally and free resources I come across.


AllTrails- This is an app that I found while researching. I will be (hopefully) using this in the future, to get more exercise outside.

Strava*- I have used this app quite a bit when I was stuck at home during the coronavirus. I would use this to track my walks with my dog, Brodie, riding my bike, and inline skating. It uses the GPS tracker to track where you have gone and the mileage you did per activity.

Yoga with Adriene*- Youtube has so many great videos, but ‘Yoga with Adriene’ is my favorite!

Nike Training Club*/ Nike Running Club*- I have used both apps when I could not make it to the gym. Even though you need a subscription for some of their features, there is plenty you can do without a subscription.


My Fitness Pal- This is a great app that helps you keep track of your food. I know many people who use this with success. I have used this in the past, but there have been changes since I have needed it. I now use the Fitbit app.

Mealime- The free version of this app helps with meal planning! Something we all could use to prepare healthy meals.

Supercook*- I love this app. I type in what I have in my “pantry” and it gives me hundreds of recipes to make with the food I have right at home! You can also search for specific ingredients.

Eat Cheap and Healthy on Reddit*- This subreddit is a great resource to find cheap and easy meals. It can be used as a platform for you to ask for help or you can search ingredients you need to use up. I use this subreddit all the time.

Flipp*- This app stores the weekly ads from all the stores near you. No need to go around to every store's website to find what is on sale. You can also search for different items. Need salt? Search for salt, and it will show you every store near you that has salt on sale.

Struggle meals*- For less than $2 a serving, it gives you tons of ideas for meals. They were on Hulu also, last I saw, if you have a subscription.


Insight timer*- This is a free app for meditation. It has so many types of meditations, bedtime stories (my favorite), and music. I recommend this to everyone! Mental health is extremely important and we need to take care of ourselves and our stress levels.

Fitbit*- You probably will not use this unless you have a Fitbit, but the app itself is free. It keeps track of your steps, heart rate, water intake, food intake, your menstrual cycle (those who have one), and activities or sports.

Clue- This is an app to help track your menstrual cycle. For those who get a period, this is a great way to keep track of when you will start and stop. Keep in mind, this is only an estimate. Apps that track your period can give you insight into how your health is doing. Period health and regularity is important. Why? For example, if your period was 30 days, and now you have not had your period for 45 days, there may be an issue.


Duolingo*- This is a free app to help you learn another language. For just minutes a day, you could be sharpening your foreign language skills and helping to keep your brain healthy.*- Tons of music you can find for any scenario. If you need to relax after a long day, find instrumental music. I use this every day at the office, and so does the rest of the staff!

Goodreads*- This app is a great app to keep track of books you are reading and find new books! 

Library*- The local library is a resource we should all be using. Pick up some cookbooks or other resources for your health and wellbeing!


*resources I use personally


Are there any free resources you use? Please let me know! I would love to see what others come across and add them to the list! I cannot wait to see you in the office!

Dr. Summer